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Independent GNLD Distributor
In the past we owned an environmental business dealing with commercial/residential air and water. Often approached to carry supplements we were concerned about the many rip-offs in the industry to risk my wife’s health (see next paragraph), our family's health, or our reputation. Besides, did valid research exist proving supplements benefited our customers? Instruments measured air and water pollutants before and after installation to prove benefits received. GNLD was the only company with the scientific facts to prove to our skeptical minds, that our customers, my wife and our family would receive the high quality products we all needed.

Yes, our family had a lot at stake in selecting the best supplements. My wife, Marjorie, lost one of her kidneys and her spleen in a sledding accident which impaired her immune system. Thankfully, I was forewarned by her MD while engaged of the need to protect her health. Over time we ground organic whole wheat to make fresh bread, gardened organically, and raised goats and chickens. The biggest improvement in Marjorie’s health resulted from the GNLD products! It is so rewarding having found something this good and this safe to help her immune system. Everyone should have their loved ones on GNLD products!

When selecting our website name, we were reminded of the following health testimony shared with us over 17 years ago, which communicates what “” embodies to us – the most reliable, scientifically driven, whole food based nutrients available. Of course, results cannot be guaranteed from person to person, but at least one can know they are taking the best supplements for the best possible results.

“I would like to share with you a testimonial which I feel is absolutely fantastic, not just because of its objectivity and measurability but more so because – it is my own.
“As a federal employee, I receive very complete annual physicals each year with dozens of blood panel readouts and parameters checked. The comparative and cumulative results over the last ten years is indeed impressive as one can see very graphically not only overall and steady improvements in the readouts but also, direct correlation between the addition of certain specific GNLD products and a corresponding result in a specific area. For example, in 1982 when my cholesterol was 274 I started taking four Lipotropic Adjunct a day in addition to my usual routine – nothing more. On my next exam the cholesterol was 140!
“This past year I was advised that the Federal Government had added a computerized health risk appraisal program so its examination all across the country, run on a computer program developed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia, and that a few weeks after my physical I would be mailed the computer results based on my blood panel readouts, etc... I was told that not only could the computer tell me my "health age” as compared to my chronological age but that the real benefit would be in having the computer tell me those areas where I could improve my health age by making recommended life style changes.
“You can imagine my surprise when, several weeks after the examination a doctor in the federal government called me to say he had the computer results but would like to schedule me for a personal visit with him instead of mailing me the results. When I asked what was wrong he said “nothing, it’s just an unusual response we received from the computer. In fact, it’s the first time since the inception of the nation-wide program, that the computer said it could recommend no changes in life-style and we thought we would like to talk to you about whatever it is you are doing.”
"Upon visiting with the doctor, I was presented with the attached computer read-out. (I have also sent you a synopsized version) As you can see, my health age is 40.2 versus my chronological age of 52. This doctor said virtually all comparisons to date have resulted in a health age above the chronological age and that they had never seen, even in the best case, a health age even close to the difference of 11.8 years as in my case.
"Reading the computer columns one can readily see why no recommended life-style changes could be suggested, according to the computer. This is a tremendous testimonial for GNLD products since prior to ten years ago I had, if anything, a below average health picture. (My income tax deductions for medical expenses in those past years can attest to that.) Sick in bed at least twice a winter, fevers, colds, allergies, and severe headaches was my prior lot in life. I have none of those things ever happen to me now (even a zero for medical deductions on the tax form).
"For my money, GNLD is truly the only game in town. Thank you all for making me '40 years old' again.

We hope this website will help you see and understand the reliable and credible science backing the GNLD products. If you have any further questions feel free to contact us.

Wishing you the best in life,
Lawrence & Marjorie Clark

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